The MWCC Watershed Fund provides direct support to our community-based Watershed Partners for capacity-building, professional development, and on-the-ground projects. The Watershed Fund increases the capacity of local communities to advance community-based, locally led conservation using the Watershed Approach to conservation by filling critical funding gaps.

To learn more about the MWCC Watershed Fund, click Here. For information about different types of Watershed Fund support, see our Project Support, Capacity Support, Professional Development Support, and Big Sky Watershed Corps Support pages. You may also contact MWCC Watershed Programs Coordinator Terri Nichols at

Currently available funding opportunities are listed below.

 The Montana Forest Collaboration Network (MFCN) has funding to help local forest collaborative partners develop capacity necessary to accelerate the pace and scale of forest management in order to reduce wildland fire hazards, improve forest health, and enhance economic productivity on Montana’s forested lands. The purpose of this funding is to further collaboration and coordination in the state, and advance the goals and strategies outlined in the Montana Forest Action Plan among forest collaborative groups that enable planning and implementation of cross-boundary forest projects in the state.

Up to $10,000 may be awarded to each recipient per calendar year, with an approximate total of $50,000 in funding available. Matching funds are required, equal to the total grant amount x 25% (e.g., If requesting $5,000, matching funds must equal or exceed $1,250, for a total project funding of $6,250). Match may be cash or in-kind.

Proposals are due by 5 pm on November 30th. Funding decisions will be made in December 2022. Funding will be available once an MOU is completed between MFCN and the grantee (with 25% reserved for disbursement at project completion).

The purpose of this funding is to fill critical capacity gaps in collaborative forest planning efforts. Outcomes include:

  • Increased footprint of active forest management
  • Reduction of wildfire risk to communities
  • Increased participation and support for collaborative forest planning and project implementation
  • Improved communications between communities, stakeholders, and agencies working on forest management activities
  • Increased coordination between the  public, partners, and governmental agencies.

Eligible Applicants
Eligible applicants must engage in forest management using collaborative processes and be recognized by MFCN as a collaborative effort. Additionally, applicants  are encouraged to have a representative of an affected county commission that is engaged with a federal forest project.

Examples of Eligible Projects:
The following are merely examples and not inclusive of all potentially eligible projects. MFCN encourages innovative approaches to furthering collaboration between stakeholders to advance forest management in Montana. Examples of eligible activities include:

  • Local government’s engagement in federal forest projects
  • Coordination of cross boundary forest management projects
  • Support for collaborative efforts (e.g., staff support and other activities that are critical for furthering collaboration)
  • Professional facilitation
  • Attendance at training or events that pertain to forest management or collaboration
  • Stakeholder engagement and outreach
  • Coordination within Montana for the purposes of advancing the goals and strategies outlined in the Montana Forest Action Plan.

This money cannot be used for the following:

  • Political lobbying
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Projects not directly related to furthering collaborative forest management or advancing outcomes within the Montana Forest Action Plan.

What is Required of Organizations that Receive Funding?
Organizations that receive funding will be required to:

  • Complete their project on or before June 30, 2023
  • Submit a brief final report on project outcomes, activities, deliverables, budget, and publicity on or before July 15, 2023
  • Be willing to share materials or stories developed from funded activities with MFCN to build capacity statewide

How to Apply
Applications will be accepted through the online platform Submittable. If your organization has an existing account in Submittable, please log into that account before starting your application. If your organization does not yet have a Submittable account, please create one. If you are new to Submittable, you can click here to learn more about how to create a free account and fill out an application form (“submission”) via this platform.
Submit your proposal for funding by 5 pm on November 30th via this online form.
You may submit letters of support from project partners mentioned in your proposals. Letters of support are encouraged, but not required.

Applicants are welcome to contact MFCN Coordinator Tim Love to discuss proposal ideas or to ask questions. Email or call (406) 210-6528.

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