The MWCC Watershed Fund provides direct support to our community-based Watershed Partners for capacity-building, professional development, and on-the-ground projects. The Watershed Fund increases the capacity of local communities to advance community-based, locally led conservation using the Watershed Approach to conservation by filling critical funding gaps.

To learn more about the MWCC Watershed Fund, click Here. For information about different types of Watershed Fund support, see our Project Support, Capacity Support, Professional Development Support, and Big Sky Watershed Corps Support pages. You may also contact MWCC Watershed Programs Coordinator Terri Nichols at

Currently available funding opportunities are listed below.

The MWCC Watershed Fund has funding from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to assist Big Sky Watershed Corps (BSWC) host sites with expenses for in-state professional development opportunities directly related to improving water quality, reducing and preventing nonpoint source pollution, and implementing DEQ-accepted Watershed Restoration Plans (WRPs).

These small grants may be used for BSWC members, host site supervisors, and other host site personnel to attend trainings, conferences, workshops, and other professional development opportunities. Host sites that receive funding must demonstrate how the opportunity will help them to reduce or prevent nonpoint source pollution in their watersheds.

Funding is available on a rolling basis depending on availability and is disbursed on a reimbursement basis. Award amounts are typically less than $500, but MWCC does consider financial need and the reality that some of our watershed conservation partners in more remote parts of Montana may have higher travel costs to some events. Funding requests must be submitted at least 14 days before the training or event start date. If more than one person from your organization will be attending the same professional development opportunity, please fill out just one request form for everyone attending (see below).


The purpose of this funding is to allow BSWC members and host site personnel to acquire skills and knowledge relevant to:

  • Reducing and preventing nonpoint source pollution in their watersheds
  • Building long-term capacity to implement DEQ-accepted WRPs.


BSWC members, BSWC host site supervisors, and host site personnel who are actively implementing DEQ-accepted WRPs are eligible to apply. Additionally, these host sites must be local watershed conservation organizations, such as watershed groups; conservation, irrigation, and water quality districts; non-profits; forest collaboratives; Tribally led nonprofits; and Tribal government agencies. Federal and state agencies, individuals, and for-profit entities are not eligible.

What is Covered?

Awards may cover registration fees, lodging, and travel costs on a reimbursement basis. The Watershed Fund does not pay for meal costs or per diem. Award amounts are typically less than $500. There is no match requirement for this Professional Development Support, but MWCC encourages cost-saving measures including carpooling, alternative transportation, and sharing lodging.


To receive reimbursement, awardees must fill out a short reimbursement form detailing:

  • What skills and knowledge they gained from the professional development opportunity
  • How they will apply what they learned to reduce and prevent nonpoint source pollution in their watershed and to implement their local WRP
  • What organizational, community, and capacity goals this opportunity will help their organization to achieve

Those who are awarded funding must also provide receipts for registration fees, lodging, and other expenses, excluding mileage costs.


Contact Watershed Programs Manager Terri Nichols with any questions.

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